If your dog is fat,
you’re not getting enough exercise.

Author Unknown

Slow Down, You Eat Too Fast

Specialty dog bowls designed to slow down fast eaters are expensive and unnecessary. Reduce your dog's meal gulping, aid her digestion, and help prevent choking and possibly even bloat for FREE.

Just use a plate instead of her usual bowl, and spread the food around. The key is not to pile the food up, which makes it easier for her to inhale it.

NOTE: For big dogs fed much larger meals, use an old cookie sheet and spread the food all over that. Its short vertical sides will contain most of the mess (in theory, anyway).

Cheaper Prescription Meds

When your dog needs a new drug, ask your vet if he has samples of those. If he doesn’t, ask if there is a generic equivalent he can prescribe to save you money.

My, What Pretty Teeth You Have!

You don’t need an overpriced, special doggie toothbrush to keep your pup’s pearly whites clean and healthy; any soft bristled brush will do. For smaller dogs, buy the children’s size.

For mutts with big mouths, use the free toothbrush your dental professional sends you home with after your own cleaning appointments.

NOTE: To clean your doggie's toothbrushes, just pop into your dishwasher’s basket, or secure to the top rack with a twist tie.

Home Remedy for Hot Spots

Before you spring for costly prescription meds, ask your vet about dabbing apple cider vinegar on your dog’s hot spots – you know, those oozy, itchy, bald patches some dogs get. This cheap pantry staple has worked very well for some dogs I know.

Poop Patrol

Instead of spending money gift wrapping your dog poo in expensive perfumed bags, recycle every suitable plastic bag that comes into your house. Fresh produce bags work especially well because after you knot them closed, you can then double bag your dog’s “present” inside the remaining length of bag.

Stuff your extra poop bags in an empty tissue box by the door with your puppy’s leash to grab as you go out the door.

And remember, the faster you pick up your dog’s poo, the less chance she has to eat it – a snack that could sicken her.



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