These groups, organizations, programs, and businesses are ones I believe in, have volunteered and worked for, do business with, have an affiliate relationship with, or otherwise support.

Village Paws and Claws www.villagepawsandclaws.com

I used to have to drive a long distance to a health food store to buy my dog's food. Now I shop close to home at this specialty store. Owner Rick Rogowski is very knowledgeable about the wide selection of dog foods he carries, and has helped me improve my dog's diet.

Village Animal Hospital www.villagepetvet.com

This is our other family doctor. Dr. Warren Moretz and his outstanding staff have taken care of Pukak since we moved here in 2006. They also helped us make our ancient (nearly 21) cat's life happy and comfortable before we had to let her go, with their skilled and compassionate care.


Therapy Dogs of Vermont www.therapydogs.org

Therapy Dogs of VermontI first discovered therapy dog volunteering through this exceptional nonprofit. Pukak is the first dog I’ve raised and trained with therapy dog work as a goal for us to do together.


Luckdragon’s Angels Pet Therapy Group www.luckdragonsangels.org

Luckdragon's Angels Pet Therapy GroupHelping found this nonprofit group in 2004, I’m proud to say that Pukak and I were the second therapy dog team certified as a LAPTG team.

Today this devoted group of numerous volunteer therapy dog teams, mentors, and supporters now serves the greater Manchester area of southern New Hampshire and western North Carolina.

My dear friend, Lynn Marie Millette, is LAPTG’s president and fearless leader to all of us dedicated advocates for therapy dog volunteerism.


Canine Good Citizen Program www.akc.org

American Kennel ClubOpen to all dogs, mixed or pure bred, this 10 part obedience test is the recommended blueprint for basic manners for the well behaved dog, as well as the first requirement toward certification as a therapy dog.


Delta Society www.deltasociety.org

Delta Society


 The gold standard of therapy dog certification.



Intermountain Therapy Animals www.therapyanimals.org

Intermountain Therapy AnimalsThis nonprofit group launched READ (Reading Education Assistance Dogs) in 1999 as the “first comprehensive literacy program based on the . . . idea of reading to dogs”. These specially trained therapy dogs have improved young children’s’ reading skills and confidence – how great is that?!  

All Dogs Gym and Inn www.alldogsgym.com

All Dogs Gym and InnThis site is a valuable wealth of information. It’s updated with weekly articles by founder Gail Fisher, an internationally respected dog trainer, behavior expert and author. As one of her staff members, I trained under this exceptionally generous teacher.

More than six years working in ADG’s outstanding doggie daycare department gave me a priceless hands-on education in dogs. I continue to learn from Gail by reading her articles on this website. I highly recommend you do the same.



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