A dog’s idea of personal grooming
is to roll on a dead fish.

James Gorman

Prettier for Pennies

Next time you go shopping, buy some cheap apple cider vinegar. After you've bathed and rinsed your dog, apply the apple cider vinegar, diluted 50/50 with water, all over her coat with a spray bottle. Take care not to get it in her face. Rinse thoroughly with cool water. The apple cider vinegar will remove the shampoo's residue, leaving Fluffy's coat cleaner and shinier.

A Softer Coat In A Tube

Buy your own hot oil hair treatment-in-a-tube and have your pet stylist apply it (instead of her standard crème rinse) after Fluffy’s bath. It’s a great coat conditioner, especially during dry winter months. Find it (cheap!) in the hair products aisle at your local chain discount retailer.

Save Money – Hire A Student

Rumor has it you can save big bucks on grooming having a student stylist spiff up your dog. Never having had a dog grooming school near me, I’ve not tried this myself. If you do, make sure the student working on your pup is supervised by an instructor.

Not Just For Baby’s Tush Anymore

Even if you have your dog professionally groomed on a regular basis, this is my number one, absolute favorite tip for dog grooming – the humble diaper wipe.

Fast, cheap and easy, they’re especially useful if you have a long haired or light colored dog.

Use them to clean your dog’s nether regions every time she comes in from potty breaks. You’ll keep urine from staining light colored coats, and poop from leaving even nastier skid marks on your furniture and carpets.

NOTE: Be sure you use only fragrance and alcohol-free wipes which are kinder to your dog’s skin and coat. Buy them by the case at warehouse discount stores for greatest savings.

Comfy Coat = Happier Hound

Brushing your dog daily between appointments will help keep your costs down with your pet stylist. The more time your groomer needs to comb (or cut) out tangles or mats, the more time you may be billed for.

More importantly, daily brushing will save your dog the discomfort of knots pulling at her skin, as well as a potentially painful grooming appointment untangling them.



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