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Issue 3                                                                                                                          March 2010

Dear Anu,
What grows faster than crabgrass in springtime? 
The biggest dog has been a pup.  
Joaquin Miller
These irresistible bundles of joy need dog crates, correctly sized, to help them learn proper potty habits as well as home alone confidence building.
A crate too large will allow your puppy to relieve herself in a corner inside, instead of learning to wait for her next bathroom break. An oversized kennel won't create a cozy and necessary sense of security for home alone time either.
But how do you find the perfectly sized crate for a baby dog who's still growing?
You don't. Instead, do what I did:
Move your puppy into successively larger crates until she's all grown up. To help pay for those, sell the ones your pup outgrows.
Before your little one's crate becomes too snug for her, buy the next size up, either used or new. Look for used dog kennels in the newspaper, Craigslist and Ebay. (You may not find the right size in a used one, however). You will find exactly the crate you need new at national pet supply stores, as well as from dog gear sites online.
Next, price the crate you want to sell. Do this correctly and it'll go out the door with the first call. To figure out your price, check your local papers, Craigslist and Ebay again to see what other people want for their comparable used crates. 
If you don't see any ads for used dog kennels, price yours at 50-75% of the cost of a brand new one (including sales tax or shipping). Visit pet supply stores and online sites to determine the price of a new crate. That will be the reference point number to discount, giving you your asking price. And if no one else is selling used dog kennels in your area you can price yours a bit higher.
Then list your own "Dog Crate (or Kennel) For Sale" ad in the paper, online or both. Be sure to include the manufacturer's name and crate's dimensions. My ads also read "Puppy outgrew - only used two months." If you can display a photo of your kennel for sale that's even better.
Finally, lather, rinse and repeat. Clean the crates you're selling with some dish detergent and hot water. Rinse well using a diluted bleach/water solution. A spotless kennel will sell in a snap. The number of crates your youngster will need will depend on her adult size.
Even as she continues to grow like a weed, your puppy can have a crate that fits her perfectly and sets her up for training success.


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