More Bark For Your Buck
ISSUE 7                                                                                                                      JULY 2010
Dear Anu,
You love the thunder, oo-ooh, you love the rain. 
Jackson Browne

Sadly, most dogs find thunder and other loud noises nothing to sing about.

Usually calm and confident, lovely West Highland Terrier Agnes Marie cowered in a closet, panting heavily while thunderstorms crashed overhead.
Friendly, funny Cairn terrier, Duffy, tore around the house terrified whenever the sky would rumble. Especially panicked one time, he ripped bed linens to shreds.
Adorable Westie boy-next-door-to-us, Chance, barked all day at the noisy comings and goings of the HVA/C crew busy at our house.
Their experiences inspire this month's article - my first product endorsement - the amazing Thundershirt.
I could explain how and why putting this wrap on your dog can radically reduce your dog's stress caused by thunder phobia or other anxiety provoking situations.
I could rave about the Thundershirt's ingenious design, quality construction, and lightweight fabric.
I could also point out how easy it was putting one on Agnes Marie, thanks to its well written and illustrated instructions.
I could. But I won't. 

You can find all these details and more, on Thundershirt's website. 
Instead, let me tell you what happens these days with the same sweet little dogs when the weather turns ugly . . .
The closet stands empty now without Miss Agnes fearfully hiding within. During a recent storm she happily played ball in the house - something she couldn't do before wearing her Thundershirt.
Duffy is also calmer wearing his Thundershirt. His racing around the house has eased up, and the linens that survived his first assault have remained intact.
When our HVA/C crew came back for a second day of non-stop noise, remarkably, in spite of all the commotion, Chance fell sound asleep.
Why do I recommend spending your money this month rather than saving it?
Because the price of a Thundershirt is a bargain compared to long term anxiety modification intervention - often necessary with a canine behaviorist.
Because in addition to that specialized and expensive training, you can expect more costs for veterinary exams and prescription medication. Don't count on holistic therapies being cheaper either.
Because you risk nothing with Thundershirt's 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. 
Because a terrified dog is not a happy one.
Thundershirt is a simple, easy way to calm your pet's fears and return her to happy.

PS:  I bet you know plenty of other dog lovers with pets suffering from severe anxiety problems. Do them a big favor and use my "Forward to A Friend" button at the bottom of this page. That way they'll get my article and link to get their own Thundershirt.
And because our dogs sense storms long before we do, don't wait until the sky turns dark. Put the Thundershirt on Fluffy or Fido when bad weather is forecast.
You just may return home to your own puppy dog snoring away, too.


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