More Bark For Your Buck
Issue 2                                                                                                                   February 2010
Dear Anu,
If dogs had opposable thumbs we wouldn't have to brush their teeth for them.
We also need to bring our pups in for professional dental cleanings to help prevent periodontal disease and its potential complications such as heart, kidney, and liver problems.
A dog is a smile and a wagging tail.
What is in between doesn't matter much.
Clara Ortega
Recognized by the American Veterinary Medical Association, February is National Pet Dental Month. The AVMA encourages veterinarians to discount dental services this month promoting both pet wellness and goodwill between vets and their clients.
However, even with a 20% discount from my vet for Pukak's dental visit, this won't be an inexpensive procedure. 
Here's the good news: I've found some simple ways to lessen my sticker shock.
You can too.
Just follow my easy T  E  E  T  H  tips and keep your own budget from a breakdown:
TALK to your vet and the front desk staff. Ask if they're discounting dental services this month. Find out also if your vet is discounting the pre-op exam and blood test, as well as post-op care which dental cleanings dictate.
Get an ESTIMATE. This is essential for budgeting as well as avoiding costly surprises when you pay your bill. 
Schedule EARLY to take advantage of this savings. March 1st is no longer Pet Dental Month and your vet may not offer these discounts again this year.
TA-DAH! Everybody wins during National Pet Dental Month! Your dog's health and comfort improves with clean teeth, your wallet gets less of a workout, and your vet's bottom line gets a boost.
HOORAY - That's all there is to saving yourself some BIG bucks! 
By the end of this month, Pukak's smile will be brighter, her breath sweeter, and her overall wellness improved - All good reasons for me to smile. 


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